GALA Choruses

GALA Choruses presents

Rise Up Singing

an ongoing series of virtual concerts, collaborations, and conversations throughout 2021 to elevate our vision of a world where all voices are free. 

registration is now open for:

GALA Virtual Festival 2021

Join us for a series of historic and current events celebrating GALA Choruses!

Coffee Concert: Unsung

Monday, August 16 at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

Kansas City Women’s Chorus performs Eric Lane Barnes’ new commission which is a powerful reminder of groundbreaking women who led the way in the fight for equality and the furthering of women’s rights.  

Coffee Concert: ReMembering - Singing Water

Friday, September 24 at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

One Voice Mixed Chorus, Minnesota's LGBTQ and allies chorus, explores Minnesota as a place of both home and exile for immigrants, LGBTQ people and Indigenous people. Large scale puppets, choral music, and true stories are woven together through themes of water.

About GALA

GALA Choruses is an association of approximately 200 LGBTQ and allied choruses throughout the Americas, representing 12,000 diverse singers from Alaska to Maine and Canada to Brazil. The organization is best known for producing our quadrennial choral festival which has become the largest LGBT+ performing arts event in the world. The next Festival is being planned for July of 2024.  

GALA Choruses offers our members networking opportunities and Discussion Groups, an annual Leadership Symposium, a full array of administrative support, an Online Resource Library, in addition to our signature event: the quadrennial LGBTQ Music Festival!

Thank you for supporting the GALA Choruses!